Join Us & Get Involved!


We're creating a brand new theatre project in London and we have a ton of opportunities for anyone that wants to join us in a variety of different areas. Whether it's on stage, behind the scenes or from a production perspective - our aim is to create opportunities for anyone who wants to join us to get involved.  We are hoping to create a great opportunity to make new friends, work in interesting and creative projects, and have fun while you're at it!


We're casting right now for our current project. Check out our website for more information and if you would like to get involved please drop us a line.

We will be workshopping all of our projects before they become full theatre productions - which is ideal for anyone wanting to contribute to the script development process. 

We're on the look out for talented and confident perfomers to join us in our lead / supporting roles


We are also looking for dedicated individuals who would like to get involved in a Backstage / Production Capacity - we have lots of opportunities to get involved in a number of different areas - including:

  • Technical Manager - Oversees all Technical Aspects of Production (Sound, Lighting etc) 
  • Marketing Manager - An Individual responsible for Proforca's marketing, Social Media and the publicity for the production
  • Production Staff - Production Assistance and other help required to bring a production to life. 

We have lots of opportunities to get involved and help out and build something new and enjoyable. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via any of our social media links below.