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Greetings and glitter from Frottage III!

It’s now precisely one week before performances begin at Walthamstow’s Ye Olde Rose & Crown (your gateway to another galaxy) and so I have to start by asking – have you got your tickets yet?  If you haven’t, BOOK NOW.  Go on, stop reading this blog (for now) and click here.  A word of warning – all four evening performances have SOLD OUT and there’s limited availability for Saturday afternoon, so get in there quick!

Now that’s out of the way and you definitely have your tickets (ahem), I can tell you that the wonderful team at Saucy Jack’s cabaret bar (take it where it’s easy, shake it where it’s…) can’t wait to welcome you, warble at you and, if you’re lucky, wiggle on you.  As Booby Shevalle, the bar’s long-suffering, well-meaning, day-dreaming waitress, I’ll be on hand to fix you a drink, make you at ease and find you a comfy seat (should you not be dancing in the aisles) as we prepare you for an heady evening of (in no particular order) disco, glitter boots and murder.  You’re in for a fun ride.

Right now, our fantastic cast, creative team and crew are gearing up for show week, adding the finishing touches and polish to the production before we move into the theatre, and the set, lighting, sound, awesome costumes and SFX come together.  Even though we’ve been living with this show for a few months now, it’s been lovely to see David, our director, still able to cry with laughter (we hope it’s laughter, David) or our executive producer squirm at some intense innuendo in recent rehearsals.  As you’ll see in the programme, the rehearsal room can be a pretty bonkers place, and there’s no sign of things abating in Walthamstow, as you’ll see on your intergalactic space adventure next week.

It’s been a delight talking to you but, if I don’t want to take “break a leg” literally, I’d better go practice some dance moves in heels.

Love and glitter,

Jonny (aka Booby Shevalle) x

Jonny Richards plays Booby Shevalle in Proforca Creative's production of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens - Tickets on sale NOW from You can follow Jonny on Twitter @YouShotJR and you can follow Proforca on Twitter @weareproforca