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"This thing that the two of you have, it's an illusion, and it can't be this way forever..."

It's been this way for years. Matt and Becky have lived together forever. In a parallel universe they're probably married, except Matt's going out with Danny. Then of course there's Will, who been in love with Becky for the longest time, if only she'd be nice to him long enough to notice.  Can one phone call be enough for Matt to make the biggest decision of his life, and in turn, change things for all of them forever? 

Proforça Creative presents a brand new comedy drama written by James Lewis and directed by David Brady about moving on, moving out, drifting apart  and the people we can't bear to leave behind.

 Review Courtesy Walthamstow Echo...

Review Courtesy Walthamstow Echo...



Matt - Flannan Hassett
Becky - Catrin Keeler
Will - Paris Bailey
Danny - Daniel Kewn
Amira - Roshni O'Riordan
Jeri Anne - Christine Walters
Camilla - Harriet Lambert
Charlie - Ian Casey


with thanks to...

The Production Team wish to extend their thanks to the following (without whom...) :

Marian Brady, Actor Awareness Campaign (@actorawareness), Stephanie Silver (@steffieegg), Sardines Magazine, Actdrop.co.uk, John Barker, Claire Bourke, Lesley Jorgensen, Daniel Palmer, Joe Fernandez, Theatre Delicatessen, The Staff at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, Lauren McAdams, www.dramagroups.com, Sharon Kirk, Matthew Webb, E List Magazine, Kirsty McNeil O'Connor, Melanie Bragard. 


Written By - James Lewis
Directed By - David Brady
Produced By - Martina Schoning
President - Chris Moore
Script Editor - V.J. Marsh
Production Designer - Emma Hollows
Stage Manager - Amy Parker
Production Associate - Allie Hunter
Technical Manager - Aaron Brotherhood
Visual Media Producer - Ian Casey
Non-Executive Director - Rui Gonzaga
Mascot - Hope

Marketing Design - Proforça Creative
Consulting Producer - Cesar Abella

Production / Rehearsal Photo Credits:
Chris Dyki (http://www.inhousephotography.co.uk) 
Ian Casey (iancaseyarts) 

Rehearsal Facilities: YORAC, E17. Arch468, Theatre Delicatessen.
Set Graciously provided courtesy of: 
David Roberts Art Foundation (davidrobertsartsfoundation.com)