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 "Saucy Jack & The Space Vixens" Rehearsals

"Saucy Jack & The Space Vixens" Rehearsals

 "if I Go" Rehearsals

"if I Go" Rehearsals

Proforça Theatre Company is a brand new non-professional theatre company based in London. It was formed with the idea to create a new and dynamic project which was more accessible than the average amateur theatre company.  We want to create a group of talented creatives united by their love of theatre in a warm, welcoming and encouraging environment. We're a Not-for-profit organisation, which means that any money we raise from ticket sales or other revenue streams is invested back into the group to help further our aims of producing great quality non- professional theatre to a very high standard.

It's our mission to provide opportunities for writers to have their work performed, actors to showcase their talent and to promote the work of the very hardworking people behind the scenes in the very important technical roles and provide them with a “stage” to develop and gain experience as well as put their talents to great use.  We feel that keeping it “small and friendly” is the way to go, which means creating fringe productions which will excite and challenge our audiences with something new.

As a non-professional theatre company, performance is our passion, but also a way to channel our talent from our “day jobs” in a new and exciting way. Within our group there are artists, performers, designers, writers and other creatives and we feel that by combining these other skills with our professional abilities (Marketing, Operations, Project Management, Finance, Communication, IT etc,) we are able to create something interesting, dynamic, and perhaps a little bit different to the norm.

Theatre allows us to step away from the office, put away the work email, (even if just for a little while) and go on those adventures which you just can’t have as part of the 9 – 5!

We are always interested in meeting new and interesting people who would love to come on this journey with us. If you are interested in getting involved with us, please visit our website at www.proforca.co.uk or send an email to hello@proforca.co.uk and we would love to hear from you.  Alternatively we are pleased to be listed with the following amateur theatre directories and we would encourage you to check them out and see what they have to offer!

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